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Training courses are run at their property “Glengariff” in the hills of Foxground and are scheduled according to interest and available dates of a group of participants.

A rustic barn located in a serene environment with breathtaking views facilitates a great learning experience for all. Morning tea and lunch are included with all courses and assistance can be provided with accommodation options.

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Living Sustainably "Off The Grid"
Rammed Earth Construction
Building Your Dream Home
Building A Pizza Oven
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The courses are:

1. Living Sustainably “Off The Grid”

(One day duration) -$450

What do you need to consider when you are planning to build a house “off the grid”?
This course will point out some of the different options you have to choose from:

  • electricity generation systems
  • passive solar design water collection and storage
  • sewage disposal systems
  • heating domestic hot water
  • heating the house
  • growing what you eat
  • compost systems


2. Rammed Earth Construction

Two day duration (1st day - theory; 2nd day - practical) -$825

Rammed Earth is beautiful to look at and a great thermal mass for your home. Learn about the theory and engineering behind this construction technique as well as learning to actually construct a rammed earth structure.

  • history of rammed earth
  • materials
  • formwork
  • mixing and placing techniques
  • structural members
  • working drawings
  • joints
  • sealing
  • scaffolding


3. Building Your Dream Home

(One day duration) - $395

A lot of people would like to build their “dream” home but are unsure how to go about it. They are not aware of the processes nor are they aware of some of the pitfalls.

This course will inform you of the dos and donts to give you the confidence to take on the task of building your own home.

  • where to start?
  • owner builder?
  • architect
  • engineer
  • geotechnical
  • systems
  • material selection
  • finishes


4. Building a Custom Made       Pizza Oven

( One day duration) - $395

Learn how to build a pizza oven from the ground up. This is not based on a kit but using your own choice of materials and finishes.

  • choosing a location
  • dimensions
  • foundations
  • blocks and bricks
  • insulation materials
  • chimney
  • finishes
  • using the oven